STRIPLAC, the semi-permanent peel-off nail polish

Welcome to the nail polish that will revolutionize your manicures!

Here is THE revolution of the year, a unique nail polish in the world ! It has been a long time coming!

You already knew the classic semi-permanent nail polish but you had to go to the institute so that it could be put on and removed ...

Striplac will revolutionize your manicures AND pedicures, since, comfortably installed at home, you can put it on and take it off ALONE!

It lasts much longer than conventional nail polishes. It does not flake off and does not need any solvents to be removed. In fact, you just need to peel it off when you want to change color since it is “Pell-Off”.
Once removed, we keep our nails healthy and perfectly intact.

What seems to be a miracle is an innovative technology from the Alessandro International brand.
This little jewel is sold in Guadeloupe exclusively at AVATAR SAS.

I am going to make you discover exclusively the most spectacular invention since the existence of nail polishes!

My natural nails before starting:
natural nails

Using my file provided in my kit, I file my nails to give them the shape I want:
the nail file

In order to facilitate the application of nail polish, I carefully push back my cuticles:
push back cuticles

I then degrease my nails with a cleaning pad so that the nail polish adheres well:
degreasing nails

I start by applying a thin layer of Twin Coat as a base, then I let it harden (or polymerize ... it's the same th thing!) 60 seconds under the LED light:
< br />
I apply my Striplac red “Secret Red” nail polish in a thin layer:
pose of the red Striplac

And presto! under the LED lamp for 60 seconds again. I put a second layer of red that I let harden under the LED lamp:
led lamp

I apply to finish a thin layer of Twin Coat that I harden under the lamp:
twin coat

I use a cleansing pad to make my nails shine:

..and voila! a perfect, instantly dry manicure with impeccable hold with a smooth and shiny appearance for well over 10 days without flaking

Kit contents:
- an LED lamp
- a red Striplac nail polish “Secret Red”
- a Twin Coat
- a polishing nail file
- a cuticle regrowth
- 50 cleaning pads
Price of the Kit 99.50 euros (metropolitan price !!)
more than 60 existing colors (without counting White and Rosé to make your French)

Striplac kit

As a bonus a photo of my nails after 12 days. As a result, they are longer and you can see that removing striplac has not damaged them. Striplac just peels off like a film:

So ladies…. let yourself be tempted!

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