Quand s'épiler devient un plaisir...  Je vous montre comment faire!

About half of a beauty salon's turnover comes from hair removal; however, over the past 20 years, it has seen very little innovation and technical progress.

This has to stop!

With Fille au Pluriel say goodbye to dull colors, burning waxes, pain and discomfort associated with hair removal.
The idea that you have to suffer to be beautiful is over! Hair removal takes care of itself, and even more since it reinvents itself as a real, appreciated and appreciable relaxation break, inviting your clients to a sensory change of scenery.

All raw materials are selected for their irreproachable qualities.

Original scents, colors and names on themes such as:
Gluttony: Lait Grenadine
Travel invitation: Coco Bikini
Glamorous universe: Mistinguette, Poupoupidou

Our range of “New generation” peelable waxes uses the latest knowledge. It's an innovation without any equivalent in the depilatory wax market!

For the magic to work, you need a perfect alchemy: a clever mix of professional gestures (yours), quality products and safe values ​​(ours).

Here is in video, the hair removal protocol with our wax Poupoupidou.
Remember this: "application in thin layer "and you will become the queen of perfect hair removal

New Génération is a collection of absolutely peelable waxes exceptional and unheard of on the hair removal market in France. You will find in this range 2 waxes: Mistinguette (soft fragrance with violet) and Poupoupidou (gourmet, sweet fragrance)

The New Generation range of peelable waxes is rosin-free, innovative, designed to offer your clients genuine aesthetic care.
These New Generation waxes can be applied all over the body (legs, arms, torso, face, armpits, bikini line). Extremely flexible, they are worked in thin layers.

Directions for use for all New Generation waxes: application to dry skin, in thin and homogeneous bands without forming bulges on the sides . Wait until the strips are completely dry to remove them. Do not hesitate to make several strips at the same time to save time.

To depilate the legs and arms (all large areas) you can perform long strips in very thin layers .

For bikini line waxing, make small homogeneous thin bands instead, wait until they are dry to remove them.

NO NEED TO MAKE SQUIRTS with New Generation wax.
Perfect for all types of hair removal, for all skin types, for women and men.

We believe that it is important for the beautician to enhance his profession by using innovative and high quality products.
Our goal is that you can offer your clients a new approach to hair removal based on care, cocooning and well-being.

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