Pré-Depil sanitizing lotion 500ml cabin

Pré-Depil sanitizing lotion 500ml cabin


Blue lotion to apply before hair removal.

It is very low in alcohol.

Sanitizing, it prepares the skin for perfect hair removal.

It contains active ingredients with refreshing and soothing effects.

500 ml bottle for cabin


Fille au Pluriel is an innovative symphony: Martine imaginative (it's me) , creates and writes the score and Richard passionate (my husband), sets the tempo and coordinates the orchestra...

Fille au Pluriel was born in December 2013 thanks to a clever blend of passion, imagination and experience; Girl at Pluriel is the compilation of my creative and feminine spirit with the great knowledge of the market of waxes of Richard.

Why Fille au Pluriel? because Fille au Pluriel is you, both unique (Fille without S), different and multiple (plural). Because you fight like warriors in all family and professional fields, because you are brave, demanding.... Because you are business leaders, independent and enterprising, that it is not given to anyone, and that it is a hell of a responsibility.....

With Fille au Pluriel we wanted to share our experience, and offer a different partner brand, which allows you to have optimal working conditions so that your talent can flourish and reveal itself....

We decide to completely revisit the time of hair removal. We want Fille au Pluriel to establish itself as an innovative brand, totally in tune with the times, absolutely feminine, incredibly glamorous, and deeply irresistible.

From then on, a revolution in the world of hair removal was underway.

Fille au pluriel becomes the brand that shakes up the codes of hair removal in beauty institutes and revolutionizes the work of beauticians, your work.....

In 2016 we won the Pierantoni Innovation Award at the Nouvelles Esthétiques Spa show....

Fille au pluriel is a young, dynamic and sparkling brand, colorful, joyful and inspiring, born of a feminine spirit

The majority of cosmetic brands have one thing in common: they were designed and designed by men... for women! Fortunately recently there are more and more women who are making their mark in this market....

In creating Fille au Pluriel, we wanted to put femininity first, because after all it is to you beauticians, business leaders that we address every day. We were keen to put everything to rest, and to break the existing codes. For us, innovation means organizing, structuring a process in longevity, from idea to commercialization.

We find new ideas, we improve products, we adapt them to our customers, we make them more attractive.

We communicate differently and make customer relations our priority.

Before women sulked in the boudoirs, today they are waxed with a smile at your dear beauticians, in cabins Fille au pluriel! »

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