How long does it take to prepare my order?

All our orders are prepared within 48 hours of their validation, excluding days of closure to the public (Sunday, Monday, Thursday) and busy days (sales,...).

How soon will I receive my order?

The time it takes to receive your package depends on the destination and the choice of delivery method. Whichever shipment you choose, the announced delivery time for an order is 6 days for the West Indies, even though most orders are delivered earlier. 90% of orders are shipped the day after payment, excluding sales or high charged periods  that can extend the maximum 48-hour delay. The Post Office usually delivers in 48 hours in Guadeloupe.

What if my country doesn't appear in the current delivery area?

We are currently delivering the following countries: Guadeloupe, Marie-Galante, Les Saintes, La Désirade, Saint-Martin, Saint-Barth, Martinique, French Guyana.

We are currently working to open delivery to other countries. If you wish to have your order delivered abroad and your order is not eligible, please contact us.

What parameters do delivery costs depend on?

Because delivering a nail polish bottle or a can of 3L does not involve the implementation of the same means, the calculation of delivery costs depends on the weight of the items you select in your basket.

Who delivers my order?

Colissimo and Proxi course deliveries are made by your postman and are delivered without a signature. If you are absent during the passage, the person can drop the parcel in the mailbox if it is suitable, or leave you a notice of passage.

How can we facilitate efficient delivery?

Not all addresses are easy to access for factors, so it's up to you to provide the information you need for quick and efficient delivery. To do this, remember to clearly inform all the elements of your address, without forgetfulness or misspellings, and do not hesitate to mention in the additional address all the information that could be useful to the delivery person: floor, mode of access, intercom, digicode, name of the main resident of the dwelling, deposit to the caretaker if absence, etc. And of course a phone number, used not only by the postman as part of the delivery (which will be used to contact you in case of major impossibility) but also so that our team can contact you to make the payment with you remotely by CB.

I have entered an incorrect or incomplete delivery address, my parcel will not be delivered, what can I do?

If there is an error in the delivery address on your order, contact us as soon as possible by phone on 0690 27 70 24 or using the contact form, we will do everything we can to rectify the error before shipping the order. When paying remotely when our team contacts you, take it to check this essential element for the smooth running of the delivery. Note that it is up to you to verify that the information provided during the order is accurate before validation. In the event of a typing error resulting in a return to our store, you will be charged for re-shipping the order.

How do I know where my order is processed?

- Before shipping:

Between the passage of your order marked by the order confirmation mail and the shipping confirmation with the corresponding mail, your order is processed by our team at the shop. You can find out about the state of the preparation by logging into your customer account under « my account ».

- After shipping

The shipping confirmation mail includes a parcel tracking number provided by LA POSTE. Thus, all parcels are traced from their pick-up to delivery to the customer. You will be able to access LA POSTE website directly by clicking on the link contained in the email, or by providing the follow-up number on the website of the carrier concerned.

Colissimo or Proxi Course :

I still haven't received my order, what to do?

If you still haven't received your order at the end of the 6 days of delivery announced, you can contact us through the dedicated form. In order to respond effectively to your request, it is a good thing to check the points below and let us know:

- Check customer tracking: shipped or not

By logging into your customer account, you have access to the order's readiness. Check the condition to let us know when making the claim.

- Check parcel tracking

In the event that your order is advertised as being shipped, you have received by email a parcel tracking number that allows you to trace the steps of its journey (remember to also check the "spam" or "junk mail" folder of your email!). If the order is not supported when the shipment is more than 2 days old, or if the carrier is slow to deliver or announces damage, please contact us through the customer service form so that we can contact him. The dispute will then be tracked by email or possibly by phone, and we will do everything possible to deliver you as soon as possible.

I was away during home delivery, how do I get my order back?

If you are absent when the postman passes, a notice of passage will be filed.

I got my order, but it's damaged, what do I do?

Despite all the care we take in preparing your package, unfortunately some parcels arrive damaged.

- My package is visibly damaged

If your package has been damaged by the carrier, and you feel that the contents of the package may be damaged, you must refuse the package to the carrier, by issuing your reasons if possible on the delivery slip. Any damaged parcel that has not been refused in this way will not be refunded by our services.

- My package was intact but the contents are damaged

If you notice when opening the package that one or more items have suffered from transport, you must send us a complaint NO LATER THAN 24 hours using our contact form. Consider sending us as much information as possible in this email: order number, carrier, references and quantity of damaged items, photos of the goods. In this way we will open a dispute with the carrier. In some cases we will ask you to provide the information to confirm the dispute directly with the carrier through a recommended letter with acknowledgement. NO claims by phone or via our social networks will be taken into account.