Comforting fortifying serum for sensitive or diffuse redness skin

With extracts of wild jasmine , Fu Ling and reed .

Combines active ingredients known to help soothe the skin , moderate the signs of skin hyper-reactivity and thus quickly comfort the skin and reduce feelings of discomfort. And to limit and reduce diffuse redness , and unify the complexion .

Comforted, sensitive and reddened skin regains their balance and feels soothed.

They regain shine and velvety.

Fragrance-free, colorant-free.

To be used in addition to: Sensitive Skin cream, Tonic Rose lotion


Active ingredients: Extract of Roseau and Fu Ling

Association of two natural extracts: Phragmites (reed) and Poria cocos also called Fu Ling.

The reed is a plant used in particular by the Indians of North America for the treatment of skin conditions.

Poria cocos is a fungus that grows on the roots of pine trees. Also known as Fu Ling, Indian bread or "potion of immortality". It is widely used in traditional Chinese medicine.

This combination reduces skin inflammation and quickly reduces redness.


Simone MAHLER is above all the story of a visionary woman, passionate about beauty. Married to a chemical engineer, it is first by medicine that she is attracted but it is finally towards aesthetics, at that time more accessible to a woman, that she heads.

In 1939, she opened her salon in her apartment in Bagnères de Bigorre, then in 1946 she created her own cosmetics brand and opened her first institute in Bordeaux, which remains today the Pilot Institute of the chain.
In 1950, a second institute opened in the centre of Bordeaux and two more in Toulouse and Bayonne.

The manufacture of its products took an industrial turn and, in the late 1960s, it set up the first network of franchised beauty institutes.

A true pioneer of modern aesthetics, she developed from the beginning an original and personalized approach to beauty, introducing the beauty prescription. It also develops and proposes exclusive methods, products and treatments of high technicity, which guarantee every woman the desired result. This approach quickly became the brand's signature.

In 2001, the company joined the Sothys International Group, one of the leaders in professional cosmetics, and positioned itself as "the technical brand of the group.

In 2016, Simone Mahler regained its independence and is no longer part of the Sothys International group.

The Simone MAHLER brand still bears the name of its founder: an exceptional woman whose passion for beauty has never wavered.

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