PROLAQ Soak off builder gel clear 8ml

PROLAQ Soak off builder gel clear 8ml



You dreamed about it, alessandro did it: finally a "soak off" modeling gel that can be removed like a semi-permanent!

No more sanding to remove it. Removal by simple soaking in a soak off liquid for 15 minutes.

Ideal for strengthening thin and flexible nails , or building construction on capsules or stencils.

Enriched with biotin, caffeine, keratin, it strengthens and nourishes your natural nails .

Colour: transparent

Made in EU , according to the directives of the European regulation on cosmetics


PROLAQ offers you a revolutionary alternative to UV nail polish

Thanks to its formula using the latest synthetic compounds in combination with caring additives, PROLAQ seduces as much by its adhesion as by the respect of the health of the nail.

Quick and easy application like nail polish, lasting like gel: 14+ days

Quick curing under UV lamp or UV LED

Base Coat with keratin, biotin and caffeine

High pigmentation, very good covering power

Cat's tongue brush for maximum precision: uniform and streak-free application

Strong hold - strengthens the natural nail

Gentle and quick removal with the detachment liquid (Soak-Off)

Brilliant colors resistant to scratches until the last day

No thickening of the formulation

Made in the EU - according to the guidelines of the European Cosmetics Regulation


Do not neglect the preparation of the nail: after the filing step, degreasing the nail well before each application is a crucial step to ensure good hold. Then apply the transparent UV Base Coat enriched with keratin, biotin, and caffeine which provides care to your nails. Cure under the lamp. You can then move on to applying color.


This product is intended for beauticians only and requires professional know-how. Unlike a classic nail polish which dries in the open air, PROLAQ requires the use of a UV / LED lamp to cure, and of a detachment liquid (soak-off) to be removed.

For commercial use only. Avoid skin contact. Keep out of the reach of children. In the event of contact with the eyes, rinse thoroughly with water and consult a doctor. In case of contact with skin, wash off immediately with plenty of water. Do not use on injured or inflamed nails. If skin redness or allergic reactions occur, stop contact with the product immediately and, if necessary, consult a doctor. Keep away from open flames or hot surfaces. Do not smoke.


When Sivia Troska discovered nail styling in America more than 30 years ago, the artificial nail technique is totally unknown in Europe. The businesswoman she is immediately understands the potential of this technique. Create different nail shapes and lengths with gels, brushes, files and paper-shape... Silvia immediately began to learn the related techniques and procedures on the spot. Back in Germany, she became the avant-garde and even the face of ungystery styling. Even today, it is considered the "Queen of Nails".

It is thanks to this experience of more than 25 years that Alessandro international can avail itself of a level of excellence that is reflected in products and techniques. The brand is known for being particularly innovative. We want to prove the numerous patents and new products worldwide that confirm it in its position as a leader in the field of nail styling, the beauty of the hands and feet.

Alessandro International offers product ranges for the care and beauty of hands, feet and nails as well as exclusive professional equipment. All meet the highest quality requirements. Alessandro's philosophy is to offer women all the best.  The cycles of novelties inspired by international fashion trends support this philosophy.

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