Nail polish 109 Sinful 5ml
Nail polish 109 Sinful 5ml
Nail polish 109 Sinful 5ml
Nail polish 109 Sinful 5ml
Nail polish 109 Sinful 5ml
Nail polish 109 Sinful 5ml

Nail polish 109 Sinful 5ml


Alessandro color nail polishes are vegan and "6 free": based on the latest scientific formulas, they do not contain harmful substances such as toluene, formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, camphor, parabens and xylene

Professional grade, they cover after the first application.
Their "Quick" brush adapts perfectly to the shape of the nail and allows for quick and easy application.

Its advantages: Extreme coverage - Ultra short drying time - Long lifespan - No chips - Ultimate shine

A "must have" for both professional users and beauty lovers.

To test and adopt!


Save time !
Alessandro color nail polishes allow quick and easy application thanks to their "Quick" brush which adapts to the shape of the nail, and their high pigment density.


Huge coverage thanks to the highest possible pigmentation. No chipping. Ultra short drying time. Extremely long service life. Ultimate shine. Alessandro nail polishes are ideal for artificial and natural nails and convince professional users and beauty enthusiasts.


Our varnishes are not only of the best quality, they are also based on the latest scientific formulas.
Holder of the "6 Free" label, Alessandro color varnishes do not contain any harmful substance that could attack your natural nails. Harmful products such as toluene, formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, camphor, parabens and xylene are not used for this range of varnishes.


Whether it's a laid back power girl or a straightforward fashionista, users love alessandro's color variety inspired by international catwalks.
Get to know the excellent polish and experience 99 breathtaking colors for gorgeous nails!


Alessandro nail polishes have been around for over 25 years and are now officially one of the "brands of the century" in Germany.

An exceptional result thanks to their glossy finish which makes these varnishes exceptional. Their shiny finish makes these little color nail polishes unique in the nail styling market.

An irreproachable outfit

An authentic "7 Free" composition without harmful substances, respectful of your natural nails, which will make you want to adopt them even more!


We advise you to first apply a base before the colored varnish, to protect your natural nails and avoid tinting them. Then, a finishing varnish for a sublime and shiny result.

Alessandro varnishes can be applied on natural nails , but also on artificial nails in gel or resin and fiber!

Depending on your lifestyle, Alessandro color varnishes last from 2 to 7 days .
To reinforce the resistance of your nail polish and obtain a "long-lasting" hold, apply the new Top Coat GELATIC gel effect.

On false nails , classic polish will last much longer, almost two weeks without a hitch !


When Sivia Troska discovered nail styling in America more than 30 years ago, the artificial nail technique is totally unknown in Europe. The businesswoman she is immediately understands the potential of this technique. Create different nail shapes and lengths with gels, brushes, files and paper-shape... Silvia immediately began to learn the related techniques and procedures on the spot. Back in Germany, she became the avant-garde and even the face of ungystery styling. Even today, it is considered the "Queen of Nails".

It is thanks to this experience of more than 25 years that Alessandro international can avail itself of a level of excellence that is reflected in products and techniques. The brand is known for being particularly innovative. We want to prove the numerous patents and new products worldwide that confirm it in its position as a leader in the field of nail styling, the beauty of the hands and feet.

Alessandro International offers product ranges for the care and beauty of hands, feet and nails as well as exclusive professional equipment. All meet the highest quality requirements. Alessandro's philosophy is to offer women all the best.  The cycles of novelties inspired by international fashion trends support this philosophy.

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