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Table nail polish display 55x3 5ml (empty)
Table nail polish display 55x3 5ml (empty)
Table nail polish display 55x3 5ml (empty)
Table nail polish display 55x3 5ml (empty)

Table nail polish display 55x3 5ml (empty)

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This table display has 55 cells each allowing to receive 3 bottles of Alessandro nail polish 5ml, so 55x3 locations in total.

Ultra-practical and compact, it can be placed near the cash register or the work table to allow the customer to directly choose the colors she wants.

You can use this display to store both your nail polishes (those for sale, and those you use). In each cell place two nail polishes for sale, and in front of the nail polish you use. 


This ultra-compact display is a 3-in-1:

- storage of your nail polish stock for sale

- storage of the nail polishes you use

- fast and efficient presentation and colors for the client.

Tip: To distinguish the nail polishes you use, simply peel off the barcode label from the bottle and stick it on the cap. So there is no risk of confusing the bottles!

Note: if you have all the colors from the Alessandro range, i.e. 99 colors, you will need 2 displays.


When Sivia Troska discovered nail styling in America more than 30 years ago, the artificial nail technique is totally unknown in Europe. The businesswoman she is immediately understands the potential of this technique. Create different nail shapes and lengths with gels, brushes, files and paper-shape... Silvia immediately began to learn the related techniques and procedures on the spot. Back in Germany, she became the avant-garde and even the face of ungystery styling. Even today, it is considered the "Queen of Nails".

It is thanks to this experience of more than 25 years that Alessandro international can avail itself of a level of excellence that is reflected in products and techniques. The brand is known for being particularly innovative. We want to prove the numerous patents and new products worldwide that confirm it in its position as a leader in the field of nail styling, the beauty of the hands and feet.

Alessandro International offers product ranges for the care and beauty of hands, feet and nails as well as exclusive professional equipment. All meet the highest quality requirements. Alessandro's philosophy is to offer women all the best.  The cycles of novelties inspired by international fashion trends support this philosophy.

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